LENA WEB Release Note v0.1.0

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:fleur_de_lis: What is LENA WEB

It is Open Edition of LENA Web Server. Our goal is to create an http server that users can easily install and use. You no longer need to compile the httpd server on your server. The LENA CTL allows quick and easy installation and startup. If you have any questions or needs, please let us know through WIKI and Google Groups.

:rainbow: Features

  • Package : Portable installation files are provided for each OS (Centos7, Centos8 …). Installation is complete simply by extracting the installation file. We are in charge of difficult tasks such as Compile performed in the OS.
  • mod-cmx : Provides LENA Web Server monitoring functions. You can check the monitoring result in Json/html format.
  • LENA CTL : The LENA Web Server can be installed quickly and easily through the Command Line Interface.

:runner: Contributors

@sleepred @sangsik @ygygood @Pinepond